Yi Qi Li

Yi Qi Li Mei-Chu Chang
During every introductory Gong Fa initiation I take time to essentially present our process within.

Focusing our mind, heart, and body manifests as effective intention, emotion, action. The three Chinese characters I chose to connote this are Yì 意, Qì 氣, Lì 力 because of their semantic import and phonetic rhythm. Consistently and deliberately applying them in sync cultivates emergent benefits which we can infuse into our entire lives.

Conversely, training without inner meaning is mere movement. This is stylistic expression that superficially impresses yet lacks real substance. Ideally, both container and content are refined and coordinated.

I requested and received a powerful rendering of Yì 意, Qì 氣, Lì 力 by my calligraphy teacher Mei-Chu Chang 張梅駒 (號子龍 who was a brilliant student of Wang Bei Yue 王北嶽).

So fortunate to experience and grateful to share this inspired artistry of Gong Fa mastery!

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