Dao Reunions

Cultivate Self-Care at Mystic Valley in Santa Barbara, CA

Dao allows you to master your best story in every moment.

Reunions are ways to come home together towards oneness.

Flourish a grounding relationship to the phases of spring, summer, fall, winter.

Enjoy these sacred journeys exploring personal meaning, relational skill, spiritual flow.

Discover a vibrant system of vital self-cultivation synergizing classical Chinese:

  • Medical principles for self-healing
  • Martial patterns for self-protection
  • Mindful practices for self-realization

Apply simple yet profound insights to enrich your life, enhance your presence, enlighten your being. 

Dao Reunions welcome all seekers of inner self-wholeness, deeper self-embodiment, higher self-actualization.

Each weekend features a seasonal theme to embed our intention, energy, and movements within natural life cycles:

Spring Dao Reunion

February 25-26, 2023
Self-Cultivation of Wood Energy to Rebirth, Revive, Reinspire your Mystic Spirit focusing on Principles of Standing Practices

Summer Dao Reunion

May 27-28, 2023
Self-Cultivation of Fire Energy to Reawaken, Realize, Reveal your Healer Heart focusing on Principles of Strolling Practices

Autumn Dao Reunion

August 26-27, 2023
Self-Cultivation of Metal Energy to Refine, Reflect, Release your Sage Mind focusing on Principles of Sitting Practices

Winter Dao Reunion

November 18-19, 2023
Self-Cultivation of Water Energy to Reset, Restore, Recharge your Warrior Body focusing on Principles of Sleeping Practices


  • 8:00–9:30am, Open the Dao
  • 10:30am–12:00pm, Align with Dao
  • 2:00–3:30pm, Expand to Dao
  • 4:30–6:00pm, Integrate as Dao


Paul C. Wang is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, California Board Licensed Acupuncturist, Sifu of WingChun, and transmitter of Dao De Gong Fa

A practitioner and teacher of medicine, meditation, martial arts, mysticism, philosophy, astrology, calligraphy, and guqin, Dr. Wang has inspired thousands of diverse individuals in over 20 countries since 1997 with true passion and real compassion. 

His creative communication integrates ancient and modern, scientific and spiritual, theory and application in a useful, powerful, and beautiful way.


  • $690/Dao Reunion (cultivation weekend per quarter in person)
  • Below are optional by request:
    • $60/Dao Integration (55-minute group follow-up support per week via Zoom)
    • $90/Dao Advising (25-minute 1-on-1 consult on health, life, spirituality)
    • $120/Dao Acupuncture (treatment session by appointment)
    • $190/Dao Astrology (analysis via email inquiry below)
    • Cash, Check, Venmo @paulcwang, Square $paulcwang, PayPal info@daocenter.com, Zelle info@daocenter.com


  1. Please email info@daocenter.com with interest to apply for participation.
  2. After approval and submitting fee, complete Dao Reunion details will be sent.

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