Self-Care Cultivation


Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.


Dao Acupuncture

Balance Method for Self-Healing

Enjoy a natural way to efficiently alleviate pain, stress, and other health mind-body concerns. Boost innate ability to reclaim balance and emotional wellness.

Dao Astrology

Ba Zi Chart for Self-Awareness 

Both a genetic code and energetic flow unfold from your birth timing. Mapping it empowers conscious alignment and communication of self, relationships, and life.

Dao Alchemy

Gong Fa Cultivation for Self-Care

Spiritual hygiene is as vital for wellness as physical health. Build stress immunity and inner quality by maximizing meaning in the movement of each moment.

Nurture Our Nature and Culture

Enter your center to be at home everywhere.

Dao is our path to actualization, our meaning for being, our story of mastery. There are countless roads to wholeness — individually and collectively. Take a step back towards who you really are.

For expert guidance to navigate doubts, support to remove obstacles, tools to regain balance then Dao Acupuncture, Astrology, and Alchemy can be of service.



We appreciate your interest in our Dao offerings. For opportunities to learn via online courses and in-person events click below:

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