Self-Care Cultivation


Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.



There is a drug-free way to instantly reduce pain, stress, and all the major health problems we suffer from. Tap into the innate ability of the body to balance itself.

Ba Zi

Just like your genetic code there is a personal script based on your birth timing. Laying out your Ba Zi gives you the power to read and tune your life flow.

Gong Fa

You take a shower for your body so why not your mind? Can you strengthen your stress immunity? Meaningful movement deepens your awareness and wellness.

Nurture Your Nature

Enter your center and feel at home anywhere.

道 Dao is your chosen path, your meaning for being. There are countless individual ways towards health, harmony, and happiness.

If you need some guidance and support, Acupuncture, Ba Zi, and Gong Fa can help clarify your Dao.

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