Spiritual Self-Care Course

Spiritual Self-Care to Nourish Yourself

5-Week Online Course
January 5-February 2, 2021
Tuesdays, 6-7pm PST / 9-10pm EST

Note: You may enroll until February 1. Course recordings available until March 2, 2021.


At some point, life forces us to look deeper. We realize that material things and outward success bring only limited and temporary satisfaction. In fact, they may lead to more strain and disappointment.

This is especially true when times turn uncertain, chaotic, and disruptive such as during this past year. For many, the pandemic has amplified our personal, relational, financial, and professional stress.

Cultivating spiritual self-care is an effective antidote and meaningful refuge from stressful triggers.

Fortunately, to address these basic challenges of human existence, myriad cultures over millennia have derived powerful principles and developed practical methods. Ideally, they are adapted to be relevant, valuable, and accessible to us in the modern age.

Thus, the purpose of this Course is to give you a sense and the skills to experience spirituality as a simple, subtle, substantial force. You can then apply these tools to tend the quality of relationship with yourself, your community, and the natural world.


Dr. Paul C. Wang is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) and a California Acupuncture Board Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc). He blends principles and practices from the rich traditions of Chinese martial arts, meditation, calligraphy, music, philosophy, spirituality, and healing with the latest insights.

Dr. Wang has shared his experience and expertise with countless patients and students over the last two decades in more than 20 countries. His style of teaching is fun and profound, full of humor and wisdom. In this dramatic age of individual, social, and ecological transformation, he believes wellness is a creative process of nurturing our wholeness.


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