As we approach the cliff of birth, all seems calm. Then strikes the fear, pain, and shock as we fall off the edge — streaming into childhood, adulthood, and elderhood.

This drop feels long. But suddenly we impact the fear, pain, and shock of death. Soon we merge back into the current below. The deafening roar and chaotic spray returns to flow.

Vertical becomes horizontal again.

It reminds me of pi (π = circumference/diameter = 3.14…), where we start at one point of the circle and traverse the diameter. Our goal is aimed straight towards the opposite point.

After intersecting the center, we reconnect with the circle. Perhaps we enjoy arcing along the circumference a while until crossing over once more.

Linear becomes circular again.

I write this honoring Stephen Hawking who today on 3/14, also the birthday of Albert Einstein, commences his cosmic journey through the galactic black hole to another dimension.

May your quanta surf vast gravitational waves beyond the universe! I hope your astrophysical questions are now resolved experientially.

Material becomes spiritual again.

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