Dearest Beings,

Let love lead us to leap large into the New Year!

I deeply wish us a meaningful Yin death of 2018 and wonderful Yang birth of 2019.

All while we stay simultaneously, peacefully, wholly, perfectly centered at absolute Wu Ji beyond our Yin Yang dualities, polarities, relativities, imperfections.

We finally arrive at the last day of this year. The flow seems slow but how swift it goes! Plus we may get called back from the many to rejoin the One whenever, wherever, however.

So let us remind ourselves that each movement — up, down, left, right, wrong, good, bad, happy, sad, mad, glad — happens in its unique expression for the first and last time forever.

Every moment is truly really only present once in this very special life.

And that now in the Dao is the sole place and the soul space that we are always alive!

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