Gong Fa Map

Thank you for your interest in Dao De Gong Fa self-care cultivation. I created this map after decades of martial, medical, and mystical experience and refer to it often when orienting myself or guiding others.

The purpose of the map is to help us cultivate meaning by asking ourselves:

  • What do you do (Practice, 術 Shù)?
  • Why do you do it (Principle, 理 Lǐ)?
  • Who is doing it (Practitioner, 士 Shì)?

You may use it as a framework to visualize aspects and variables which apply to any study or process — be that acupuncture, dance, sport, art, business, or parenting.

  • How do I employ (Principle into Practice) via Method, 法 Fǎ?
  • How do I empower (Practice with Practitioner) via Skill, 功 Gōng?
  • How do I embody (Practitioner as Principle) via Virtue, 德 Dé?

Repeatedly asking these questions and dynamically refining their replies will customize a personally meaningful path (道 Dào) that keeps us from losing ourselves in the everyday chaos of life.

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