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Dao of Self-Cultivation Course (Fall 2022)
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Dao of Self-Cultivation Principles of Sitting Practices A Live Four-Week Online Course with Dr. Paul C. Wang, DACM, LAc Four Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30pm PST, October 4, 11, 18, 25, 2022 (Fall Dao Course) The chaos of life can drown us in anxiety, uncertainty, debility. Self-cultivation innoculates our system against stress. It is an alchemical antidote to […]

Peaceful Living Course
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Peaceful Living with Ancient Chinese Wisdom Nine-Week Online CourseFebruary 11 – April 8, 2021Thursdays, 1:00-1:45pm PST / 4:00-4:45pm EST Access recordings of all 9 Classes until May 6, 2021 Benefits Learn practical wisdom hidden in ancient Chinese texts Apply philosophy to benefit your health and wellness Gain new strategies to reduce stress and anxiety Description […]

Spiritual Self-Care Course
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Spiritual Self-Care to Nourish Yourself 5-Week Online CourseJanuary 5-February 2, 2021Tuesdays, 6-7pm PST / 9-10pm EST Note: You may enroll until February 1. Course recordings available until March 2, 2021. Description At some point, life forces us to look deeper. We realize that material things and outward success bring only limited and temporary satisfaction. In […]

Qiological Interview
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Enjoy an inspiring and informative interview on the high quality podcast, Qiological, where I was honored to discuss time, timing, and timelessness with the fun, wise, and enthusiastic host, Michael Max. We flow across a varied but connected range of topics including Ba Zi birth chart analysis, Chinese medicine, consciousness, cosmology, and cultivation.

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Yinyang is the universal way of heaven and earth the principled order of all phenomena the father and mother of transformation the original cause of birth and death the honored abode of divine consciousness — Spiritual Pivot, Great Treatise of Yinyang Resonance (Circa 2nd-1st Century BCE) 陰陽者 天地之道也 萬物之綱紀 變化之父母 生殺之本始 神明之府也 靈樞陰陽應象大論 — Humbly translated by […]

Crazy Wisdom Interview
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View an insightful interview of Dr. Paul C. Wang, DACM, LAc on the Crazy Wisdom podcast: “Paul drops some knowledge on how to find yourself, live more creatively while being less stressed, and find your purpose here on the planet. Really deep. I hope you enjoy.” Stuart Alsop, Host of Crazy Wisdom Podcast YouTube Video […]

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Gong Fa Harlem
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Soul nourishing Gong Fa session in Harlem, NYC, New York! Energetic appreciation to everyone for sharing your precious Yì Qì Lì 意氣力 and to the beautiful clinic space ( of Si Yuan Balance Method First Level Certified Balance Method Acupuncturist Johanne Picard-Scott for hosting our vibe!

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You and I both are a Universe of multitudes Multiplying as two Divided by infinite Inspired possibilities Spiraled from our core To pour out every pore Streams of gravity Grounded in my guts Earth tethering me to the Sol of my heart flaring Upon reflections ruminated By my moon mind full Then empty of light […]

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